Sette note e un pescespada delitti di provincia 9
Sherlock holmes and the adventure of the christmas stocking
Sam caine und die perlenkette
Gandhi s sorrow
Schatzgräber kriminalroman
Searching shadows
Sherlock holmes tangled skeins
Secret adversary
Septima littera
Sherlock holmes a dangerous act
Secrets lies and puppy dog eyes
Sherlock holmes die weiteren abenteuer
Shallow graves
Sherlock holmes 8 ?? kriminalroman
Shadow informant
Sherlock holmes 2 sherlock holmes taucht ab
Trent and the fool proof lift fantasy and horror classics
Schicksalhafte visionen detektei lessing kriminalserie band 27 spannender detektiv und kriminalroman über verbrechen mord intrigen und verrat
Scotland yard
Sherlock holmes and miss violet dixon deceased
Sherlock holmes the complete collection bonus the unofficial stories
Sherlock holmes and the adventure of the raven s call
The woman in black
Sherlock holmes l intégrale des romans et nouvelles
Scream blue murder
Chameleon people
Trent s last case
Senza traccia
She who watches
Catalina la nueva miss marple
Cherringham ein menü zum sterben
Shadowfall a novel of sherlock holmes
Philip trent y el caso trent
The shop window murders
Say murder with flowers a rex graves mini mystery
Close up on murder
Shandra higheagle mystery books 4 6
Sherlock holmes der erbleichte soldat und weitere detektivgeschichten
Sherlock holmes 444 bästa citat om brott och brottsbekämpning
Sherlock holmes the complete collection
Game theory
Cape diamond
Scandal at high chimneys
Cherringham sammelband v folge 13 15
Cherringham sammelband vii folge 19 21
Trece casos para philip trent
Cherringham episode 4 6
Murder in the bookshop
Cars cats and crooks
El último caso de philip trent
Shandra higheagle mystery books 1 3
Sherlock holmes al saint andrew club
Sein letzter streich
Cherringham box set episodes 1 12
Casting the first stone
Shadows on the lake
Sherlock holmes die schönsten detektivgeschichten band 4
Scenes of crime
Christmas mysteries 1 a christmas journey a christmas visitor
Cherringham scared to death
Sherlock holmes 4 ?? kriminalroman
Sherlock holmes 2 ?? kriminalroman
The deductions of colonel gore
Children of the tide
City of brass
China in her hand
A voice like velvet
Chéri bibi et cécily
Chains of illusion cyrus kane 2
Sherlock holmes
Sherlock holmes die schönsten geschichten band 5
Chasing ghosts
Sherlock holmes 1 ?? kriminalroman
Cherringham morden will gelernt sein
Canterbury serenade
Christmas mysteries 2 a christmas grace a christmas odyssey
Sherlock holmes die schönsten detektivgeschichten band 2
Castle rouge
Chef maurice and a spot of truffle
Sherlock holmes 6 ?? kriminalroman
Chasing shadows a drew patrick crime thriller novella
Cherringham death on a summer night
Sherlock holmes die schönsten detektivgeschichten band 1
Scents and shadows book two in mcnamara series
Cherringham mord in heller nacht
Cherringham murder by moonlight
Sherlock holmes 3 ?? kriminalroman
Cherringham ghost of a chance
Came home dead
Cherringham death on a moonlit night
Cherringham mystery at the manor
The middle temple murder
Sherlock holmes sein letzter fall und andere geschichten
Cherringham the body in the lake
Just lost and found
Sherlock holmes l avventura di wisteria lodge
Cat of many tails
Sherlock holmes lo spettro dalla faccia gialla
Cherringham death trap
Cherringham trail of lies
Cain his brother william monk mystery book 6
Calamity town
Camden lock down
Children of the plantation
Cara daniels cozy mysteries box set 1
Captain lacey regency mysteries volume 2
Sherlock holmes 5 ?? kriminalroman
Cleek the master detective
Cherringham episode 19 21
Champagne for one
Cherringham sammelband viii folge 22 24
Chef maurice and the wrath of grapes
Calamity at harwood
Sherlock holmes l uomo scimmia
Callander square
Can ladies kill
Cherringham the vanishing tourist
Cell 8
Canterbury requiem
Close range
Sherlock holmes die schönsten detektivgeschichten band 3
Chapter and hearse
The bravo of london
Callander square thomas pitt mystery book 2
Cherringham episode 13 15
Sherlock holmes il suo ultimo saluto
Sherlock holmes 444 bästa citat om brottsbekämpning
Catch as catch can
Sherlock holmes 7 ?? kriminalroman
Casper crime boss trilogy
Cancel all our vows
Sherlock holmes and the adventure of the grinning cat
Sherlock holmes 10 ?? kriminalroman
Sherlock holmes la falsa morte
Cherringham playing dead
Cherringham a lesson in murder
Cherringham the song never dies
Casino murders
Camera action murder
Cleek the man of the forty faces
Canonsfield 2
Cherringham blade in the water
Cherringham murder most wild
Cherringham das rätsel von brimley manor
Charity ends at home
Cleek of scotland yard
Close to holmes
Her beautiful monster
Sherlock holmes obras completas
Cimarron rose
Cherringham murder on thames
Caviar et nuits blanches
Cherringham episode 1 3
Charles doyle the curious case of the blue dog part 1 a new mystery calls
Careless whiskers
Cape bay cafe mysteries 3 book box set books 1 3
Cause of death
Cain his brother
Cardington crescent thomas pitt mystery book 8
Cat flap
Cherringham sammelband i folge 1 3
Captain lacey regency mysteries volume 1
Case without a corpse
Cherringham secret santa
Cherringham der verschwundene tourist
Cherringham last train to london
Charlie milverton and other sherlock holmes stories
Chocolates and cyanide
Le guignol sanglant des traboules
Cherringham the drowned man
Charlie m
Cherringham a fatal fall
Cape fear
Civility rules
Can t stop the funk
Cats prowl at night
Carver s quest
Claire lane mystery series books 1 3
Chronicles of martin hewitt
Canonsfield 3
Cherringham sammelband vi folge 16 18
Cherringham the secret of combe castle
Cherringham episode 28 30
Case for sergeant beef
Call down the hawk
Cherringham episode 25 27
Case with 4 clowns
Charlie milverton a modern sherlock holmes story
Cleaner wanted
Carruthers demise
Circles in the snow
Cherringham snowblind
Christmas in knavesborough
Finders keepers ds connolly book four
Classified as murder
Canon of the non sacred writings
Claws for concern
Cherringham the last puzzle
Cherringham a death in the family
Cherringham episode 22 24
Cherry filled charges
Chocolate chip murder
Chi ha ucciso charmian karslake
Cherringham follow the money
Fruitful bodies
Carved in stone
Case pending
Christmas adventure
For the defense
Cherringham cliffhanger
Cast iron suspicion
Sergeant verity presents his compliments
Franky furbo
Flights and falls
Forests of the night
Chameleon the death of sherlock holmes
Felony at random
Christmas corpses and clockwork kittens
City of gold and shadows
First feature
Cherringham thick as thieves
Sherlock holmes der vampir von sussex und andere detektivgeschichten
Fantastic crimes
Chimera a kate redman mystery book 5
Cleaning is murder
Final arrangements
Chapel noir
Foreign body
Cherringham sammelband ii folge 4 6
Fettigrew hall the biography of a house
Follow the saint
Came home to a killing
Final portrait
Cherringham episode 7 9
Cherringham episode 16 18
Fresh slices
Farewell my cuckoo
File m for murder
Fallen among thieves i a legacy of vengeance
Cherringham a deadly confession
Five six pick up sticks
Family values in vivo veritas
For love or money
Flight of a witch
Charlie martz and other stories
Can t beat a dead horse a carly keene cozy mystery
For blood and wine are red
Cherringham sammelband ix folge 25 27
Framed for hanging
Faithful unto death
Flip side
Clear skies
Fallen into the pit
Found dead
Chosen for death the thea kozak mystery series book 1
Fluctuat nec mergitours
Fifty jars of sand
Fools die on friday
Frog in the throat
Cherringham the gentleman vanishes
Four faultless felons
Families and thieves
Footsteps behind me
Final investigations of the reverend lyle thorne
Full marks
Fair warning
Fall of a banker
Fashions fade haunted is eternal
Fast falls the night
Full bodied wine a vintage murder
Funeral music
Floured felonies
Fall of a philanderer
Festival of deaths
Fall to pieces
Cherringham the secret of brimley manor
Felony report
Fugitive filling
Frankenstein p i
Farriers lane
Family affair
Forever watching you
Find me a villain
Farriers lane thomas pitt mystery book 13
Father brown complete collection 53 murder mysteries the scandal of father brown the donnington affair the mask of midas ??
Fog of doubt
Fear is the key
Food festival and a funeral
Fünf kriminalgeschichten
Four steps
Fatal enquiry
Fu man chu s vampire
False face
Fallen among thieves ii the marble heart
False witness
Fumo di londra
Foul play
Five dead rooks
Fallen among thieves iii nemesis
First kill the lawyers
First gravedigger
Fete fatale
Frank heller ?? 4 schwedenkrimis
Familiar friend
Un bello misterio
Naturaleza muerta novela galardonada con los premios arthur ellis y dilys
Fantasmi afgani
Full circle
Fire burn
The long way home
First come first kill
Forged in the fire a silver and simm victorian mystery
Fear stalks the village
Fer de lance
Still life
Una revelación brutal
Final notice
For the good of the state
Flügel in flamnen gesammelte werke
Fade to black
Friedrich ludwig schroeders hamburgische dramaturgie
Fenitschka und eine ausschweifung
Freiheit und mut
Four and twenty blackbirds
Call after midnight
A better man
Further notes from the dispatch box of john h watson md four untold adventures of sherlock holmes
Frozen in crime
Fur the win
Fine distinctions
Funeral of figaro
Fräulein oder frau
Femme fatale
Friends lovers chocolate
Flores no cabelo e fé
Kingdom of the blind
Rebekah s colorful birthday
The brutal telling
The nature of the beast
Fountain of death
First among equals
Forever lasts till dawn
Richard ??s stories from the heart
Feuer im schloß
Fall out
Rosco the rascal at the st patrick s day parade
Fat ollie s book
Roc and roe s twelve days of christmas
Force de coriolis
Feast of murder
Reindeer in my room
Fall of angels
Red boots
Frau jenny treibel
Fire below
Clarity must prevail
Fathers of men
For the love of children
Ruby s chinese new year
A great reckoning
Richard the sharp eared reindeer
Rudolph i think you need glasses
Right away orimae holiday rhymes 1
Four histories
Ritter rost feiert weihnachten
Rainbow swirl
Richard scarry s the party pig
Fearful symmetry
Fünf apfelsinenkerne und andere detektivgeschichten
Really spaced out teenage mutant ninja turtles enhanced edition
Robot in love
For the love of oil
Fer de lance the league of frightened men
Ready freddy 23 a very crazy christmas
Ready freddy 18 the perfect present
Rolling thunder
Renie the meanie
Revolution the legend of korra
Room for a little one
Ringing in the new year with stewart
Strong poison
Rentier mattis erstes weihnachten
The daughter of time
Read and share the story of christmas
Rudolf discovers the plaza lights
The daughter of time
The thirty nine steps
Richard scarry s the animals merry christmas
Rhubarb the red nosed rabbit
The lost tools of learning
Rainbow fairies in the glen
La hija del tiempo
Whose body
The golden tresses of the dead
Rosita s easter on sesame street sesame street
Red white and blue and katie woo
As chimney sweepers come to dust
Ready freddy 10 super secret valentine
Rock candy treasure
Alan bradley
A rule against murder
Cherringham the curse of mabb s farm
Rattles doesn t like santa cat
Cherringham episode 10 12
Roxy reindeer
Morte di un fantasma
The franchise affair
Dorothy l sayers
Rover rettet weihnachten
A red herring without mustard
Cherringham final cut
Dangerous curves
The dead in their vaulted arches
Laya almanza
Dangerous to know
Flavia de luce 10 todeskuss mit zuckerguss
Police at the funeral
Dead in the water
Darkness sing me a song
Speaking from among the bones
Il premio del traditore
Dead men tell no tales
Margery allingham
Deadly debut
The singing sands
Still life
Rip van winkle and other stories
De cock en de moord in het circus
Dead water
Dance floor drowning
Whose body lord peter wimsey s first case
Das geheimnis des paters brown
The golden tresses of the dead
John mclenan
The crime at black dudley
De cock en een duivels dilemma
Flavia de luce 9 der tod sitzt mit im boot
Deadly disguise
Dead as a dinosaur
Brat farrar
Death at king arthur s court
Josephine tey
Dark deeds
De cock en de moord in de hondsdagen
Richard scarry s the night before the night before christmas
Das geheimnisvolle haus
Das gesicht im dunkel kriminalroman
Nel fumo di londra
Death among rubies
Danger at thatcham hall
Death and the joyful woman
The cruelest month
Das erbe von tanston hall
Date with death
De cock en de onzichtbare moordenaar
The golden tresses of the dead
Dead so soon
Dangerous teas and treats 2
Dead skip
Dark assassin
Das große geheimnis der bow street
Dark city
Death at an english wedding
Dark heart
Dark duet
De straf die ze verdient
Dangerous silence
Death at a distance
Flucht über den brenner
Deadly receptions
Death at delphi
De kluizenaar
De stenen engel
Das rätsel von ravensbrok
De meesterproef
Dear dead woman
Dead ground in between
De cock en een recept voor moord
Daisy s aunt
Dead girl sing
Dark days and much darker days
Das indische tuch
Das rätsel um die verschwundene braut
Damned if you don t
Deadly encounter
Dead drop
Dead man
Dark paradise
De cock en de wortel van het kwaad
Dead guy
Deadman s poker
Dead of winter
Dear departed
Dark legends
Deadly reunion
Deadly harvest
Deadly welcome
I am half sick of shadows
Das gesicht im dunkel
Dead straight
Das skelett im bunker
Deadly beloved
Dead center
Dark assassin william monk mystery book 15
Deadly act
Dead giveaway
Daughters of cain
Death at the chateau bremont
De cock en de dood in gebed
Dear old dead
Dark bahama
Dead smart
De cock en de dode meesters
Death after breakfast
Das parfüm der dame in schwarz
Death against the clock
Deadly image
Dead of a counterplot
Dark past
Dark interlude
Dark horse
Dead by dawn
Das geheimnis des gelben zimmers
Final witness
Days of the dead
It can be dangerous
Dames fight harder
Ihr wille geschehe
Is that my holmes
Louise penny
Dead run
De cock en moord in triplo
Im schatten der wahrheit freiburg krimi bussards zweiter fall
Deadman s bluff
Dead man ??s folly
Das geheimnis von cloomber hall
Das verrätertor
Death at four corners
Damsel in distress
Dead lions
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 9
Das gesetz der vier
In at the death
It s a sin
Dark tide rising
I would rather stay poor
Death and the chaste apprentice
Death at breakfast
I will speak daggers
De mysterieuze affaire op stijlen
Vivienne fagan
Innocent bystander
Dark heart josiah dark 2
Impact zone
Inspector s holiday
Dancers ds connolly book two
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 1
De dood en de terugkeer van sherlock holmes geïllustreerd
Imagination theatre s sherlock holmes
I ll say she does
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
De zesde poort
In unhallowed rest
Intriga en bardino
Dead in d minor the second albert mystery
In the dark places
Das getupfte band und andere detektivgeschichten
In the moon of red ponies
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 2
In clara s hands
Dead ball
Irrevocable trust
Ill met by murder
I spy
Imago a kate redman mystery book 3
Das tal des grauens
Danger in the dark
Das verschwinden der lady frances carfax
Dark tide rising william monk mystery book 24
Im zeichen der vergeltung
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 5
Investigations of the reverend lyle thorne
I say no
Inspector swanson und der fall jack the ripper
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 10
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 6
In the death of a man
In spite of thunder
Injury time
Inspector french and the cheyne mystery
In search of dr watson
In the onyx lobby
I remember you
Irregular lives
In the day darkness a novel
Inspector french sir john magill ??s last journey
In the darkest hour
Intermezzo spirit matters
Das zeichen der vier
Inspector french and the sea mystery
Iced tee
Intermezzo family matters
Inspector french and the box office murders
If wishes were horses
I see you
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 11
It leaves a nasty stain
In and out
In the best families
I the jury
In dog we trust
Into the unknown 3
Invitation to die
Invisible weapons
I will find the answer
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 8
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 7
Imogene and the case of the missing pearls
I want him dead straight
In dunkler tiefe sollst du ruhn
Dangerous and unseemly
In bramme geht die bombe hoch kriminalroman
Inganno e persuasione
In pursuit of the dead
In prior s wood
Das leere haus
Irrational justice
In the company of sherlock holmes stories inspired by the holmes canon
I ll tell the world
I was looking for a street
In plain sight
The grave s a fine and private place
Dead heading
In this grave hour
Mentiras que matan
Innocent graves
Los crímenes del monograma
Inicja ?y zbrodni
A game for all the family
In the blood
In the grip of crime
Im schatten dunkler erinnerungen
Cherringham a dinner to die for
If death ever slept
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 3
Vigilia di natale al china dog
Das zeichen der vier sherlock holmes krimi
Christine l amour
Confesión de un asesino
In the shadow of agatha christie classic crime fiction by forgotten female writers 1850 1917
Sherlock holmes e lo straordinario caso di madame babette
Sherlock holmes e l avventura del farmacista pazzo
Voyage into violence
In a dry season
Vengeances en creuse
The quality of mercy
El ahorcado
Inspector french ??s greatest case
Very old money
Vicky van
Moon music
Faye kellerman
Vertigo 42
Vite spezzate
Giuliano spinelli
Velottis spiel ruhrgebiets krimi
Sophie hannah
In a glass darkly
The devil s star
Inspector alleyn 3 book collection 4
El misterio de las cuatro cartas
Vi s ring
Inspector hadley the ingenious murders
Das abenteuer des roten kreises
In den tod geschickt
Murder in the green
Murder by the sea
I saw mommy killing santa claus
Verdict unsafe
Sherlock holmes e la signora in rosso
Verdammte konkurrenz
Opening night
Jekyll and hyde
The wisdom of father brown
Village affairs
Murder in bloom
Complete works of g k chesterton
Murder at the manor
Valley of the shadow sister fidelma mysteries book 6
Lesley cookman
Omicidio in pieno inverno
Over the sea to die
Open season
Dead to me
El hombre que fue jueves
Inspector french and the starvel hollow tragedy
One bright summer morning
Omicidio ai laurels
On the run
Murder imperfect
Murder most fowl
El padre brown
Vengeance is mine
Murder dancing
One monday we killed them all
Or was he pushed
One dead wife
Vorsicht gift
Omicidio a steeple martin
One lonely night
O véu da isis
Over and doubt
Sherlock holmes e l esorcista
Once upon a time
La utopía capitalista y otros ensayos
Out of the blackout
Murder and the glovemaker ??s son
O little town of maggody
Occasion of revenge
One dog night
Our man in camelot
O jerusalem
Organized for masked motives
Out of circulation
Ohne vergangenheit detektei lessing kriminalserie band 26 spannender detektiv und kriminalroman über verbrechen mord intrigen und verrat
On a quiet street
On whom the axe falls
On a volé le diplodocus du roi
Organized for homicide
Organized for s more death
Isabel come lacrime nella pioggia
One fatal flaw daniel pitt mystery 3
One too many
Almanaque de puns melecas e coisas nojentas
Acorns to great oaks
Around town
Organized for murder
Out of time
Over de schreef
Apple shnapple
October men
Original sin
Os quatro grandes
Official investigations of lyle thorne
One man s meat
Introducing agatha raisin
Order in the death
Blue lightning
Our lady of pain
O muiere bisericoasa
Algunas partes no son para compartir
Beyond reach
Below the clock
Amy has a rash
Barrier island
O natal de poirot
British mystery multipack volume 11
The redbreast
Belgrave square
Baron trigault s vengeance
British mystery multipack volume 9
Orcades en eaux troubles
Blind alleys
Beware this boy
Amaya and rayna go to the dentist office
Our lady of darkness sister fidelma mysteries book 10
Around the world in a bathtub
Murder to music
British mystery multipack vol 12
Bongos blut ein stahnke krimi aus dem ostfriesischen leer
Over my dead body
Bother at the barbican
Odds on miss seeton
Asking about sex growing up
Day of the guns
Das tal der angst
Omit flowers
Bats fly at dusk
Bones of the buried
Beggar s pardon
Active kids
Bloody rosemary
Believe this you ll believe anything
Bookmarked for murder
British mystery multipack volume 6
Bad for business
Beware of the dog
Bled and breakfast
Bargain with death
Bedford square thomas pitt mystery book 19
Odessa on the delaware
Blind justice
Barefoot on baker street
Bluegate fields
Beauty sleep
Blood and honey
Blind justice william monk mystery book 19
Battle for inspector west
Bertie and the crime of passion
Bark of night
Bombing in belgravia
Baisers furtifs
Blood sinister
Bad little falls
On the edge
Desde la oscuridad
Before midnight
Bertie and the tinman
Blessed be the wicked
Bartleby and james
Ostfriesen morden anders ostfrieslandkrimi sammlung
Bank job
One is a lonely number
Black cherry blues
Bertram fletcher robinson
Barking mad at murder
Balmy darlings and deaths
Black orchids
Bodies from the library
Barefoot on baker street
Blues in the night
Between the crosses row on row
Belgrave square thomas pitt mystery book 12
Barbatul din lift
Black is the colour of my true love s heart
Black wings has my angel
Believing the lie
Boniface box set
Bedrooms have windows
Breach of privilege
Baptism in blood
Bodies from the library 2
Beekeeping for beginners short story
Birthday deathday
Blunt darts
Baskervillen koira kuvitettu
Beggar s choice
Behind closed doors
Blood is blood
Black december
Blow up on murder
Back track 3
Boxed off
Bailey s land
Border town girl
Bonjour miss seeton
Bedford square
Bowled over
Blood on the water
Battered to death a falconer files short story
Benedict cumberbatch london and hollywood
Beautiful dreamer
Borrowed light
Black maps
Ben on the job
British mystery multipack volume 10
Beware the curves
Blood and water
Believed violent
Blood on the water william monk mystery book 20
Bone on bone
British mystery multipack volume 8
Blumen für sein grab
Beau death
Billy budd and other stories
Bake sale for murder
Bread and butter miss
Beneath the abbey wall
Bloody bananas
Baked to death
Back track 1
Blood on the bones
Blindman ??s buff
Better off dead
Be not afraid p r8
Bitter river
Bound to die
Bad bood
Box 21
Blood in eden sister fidelma mysteries book 30
Black beech and honeydew
Betrayal at lisson grove thomas pitt mystery book 26
Age of kill
Blue light yokohama
Alley alligator s awesome smile
Blue blood will out
An old fashioned mystery
Bloody sunrise
Bertie and the seven bodies
Acceptable loss william monk mystery book 17
One hot mess
Banking on murder
Angry betty
Baker street beat
Agatha christie s miss marple mysteries summaries checklist series reading order
Bethlehem road thomas pitt mystery book 10
Alter ego
Arm of the law
Ambrose lavendale diplomat
Big red tequila
Black alley
And death the prize
Another case for inspector james
Agatha raisin dishing the dirt
Ben sees it through
Account settled
An echo of murder william monk mystery book 23
An irish solution
Al capone 11 ?? kriminalroman
Before she falls
Black is the fashion for dying
Adventures of martin hewitt third series
Advertise for treasure
Bleak house
Blood on their hands
Beyond the city
Adventures in the wild west 1878
Al capone jubiläumsbox 3 ?? kriminalroman
Agatha raisin and the terrible tourist
Boston cream bribery
Abgezockt detektei lessing kriminalserie band 33 spannender detektiv und kriminalroman über verbrechen mord intrigen und verrat
Alien earth
Almost the truth
Al capone 1 ?? kriminalroman
An ace and a pair a dead cold mystery
Ancestral hazard
Archie meets nero wolfe
Agatha raisin and the murderous marriage
Al capone 13 ?? kriminalroman
Angels in the gloom world war i series novel 3
Appointment with death
Agatha raisin und die tote urlauberin
Another man s moccasins
And on the eighth day
Bluegate fields thomas pitt mystery book 6
Adventures in america 1883
An ace up my sleeve
An african millionaire
Al capone 15 ?? kriminalroman
Anne perry s merry mysteries
Agatha raisin and the wellspring of death
Anne perry s silent nights
An anne perry christmas
An echo of murder
All una e trenta
Appearances of death
An old lady dies
Agatha raisin and the case of the curious curate

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